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Trophies in the Arts: An artist’s mind, a Craftsman’s hand

Five custom metal trophies grouped on white table in Society Awards office

For the world’s most prolific creatives, there can be no compromise in style or quality. The trophies used to honor them must accordingly be designed and crafted with great care. No brand is better suited to this than the luxury craftspeople at Society Awards. The above pictured are examples of custom trophies we create for prestigious awards programs. From left to right: CFDA Fashion Award, ASME Ellie, Exhibitor spike, National Arts Award, American Image Award.


The iconic statuette awarded at the CFDA’s annual event was designed by sculptor Ernest Trova. The mix of sharp edges, deep indents and convex surfaces that define this work of art make for a very complex manufacturing process. Our advanced production and finishing techniques result in a highly consistent, museum-quality reproduction. Notably, we employed advanced hand polishing to match the luster of finish within the deeper crevices to the rest of the award’s alluring surfaces.


The ASME’s annual Ellie Awards recognize excellence in journalism and publishing. The award is a licensed reproduction of an Alexander Calder sculpture entitled Elephant. Each trophy is made up of machined aluminum pieces, which are finished in one of a number of anodized colors before being secured together by hand. The completed form is a museum-quality objet d’art and an incredibly unique award.

Exhibitor Spike 

Each year Exhibitor Magazine presents the Exhibit Design Awards to honor top designers from around the world. The program includes sixteen unique categories and recognizes people from a range of artistic disciplines. The trophy presented at the program is a simple, yet exceptionally executed form. The award is a machined aluminum spike with a sheared, vertical place for personalization. The aluminum surface is highly polished for a gleaming finish that speaks to both modernity and timeless craftsmanship. 

National Arts Award

Americans for the Arts present the National Arts Awards each October to recognize those who have contributed to significant advancements in the arts. The trophy used is a museum-quality licensed reproduction of Jeff Koons’s Balloon Rabbit. Most artworks by Koons sell for millions and even tens of millions of dollars. This sculpture, deemed by all measures priceless, is an honor unlike any other.

American Image Awards

The AAFA Image Awards are presented to innovators in the footwear and apparel industries. The trophy for the program was designed in a collaboration between Society Awards and the acclaimed designed Ruben Toledo. The form is an abstract black globe mounted atop a marble disk. Emerging from the globe are a series of abstract figures – each in one of six different finishes.