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Two MTV VMA Moonmen, left was crafted by Society Awards and reflects our exceptional design and craftsmanship capabilities. Right is previous vendor.



At Society Awards, we make the process of updating an award pleasurable. Our clients are experts in their respective fields and trust us as experts in ours. It’s why our clients love us – we use our vast experience to confidently guide projects through to exceptional results.

Our long-term concierges instinctively recognize opportunities for improvement. Even your current design can benefit immensely from our state-of-the-art machinery and finishing techniques. This can be as simple as identifying stronger materials or a more lustrous finish. For completely new design projects, your concierge has at his fingertips the expertise of our in-house design and engineering teams. Between these extremes, there are levels of modification and evolution. We respect that trophies hold a lot of meaning and can become iconic – even within the population of a small organization. We always aim to first understand how well the current award meets expectations.

A prominent example of design evolution is our work on the MTV Moonman – an iconic brand hero. We approached the project determined to maintain the essential design and associated brand equity.

A casual observer will notice the beauty and luster of the Moonman even from a distance. If lucky enough to see one up close, you will recognize the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Most people don’t realize however, just how much the Moonman has changed since its first appearance at the 1984 VMAs.

Our work included refining the design and sharpening the details to be true to a real space suit. To achieve this fine detail with precision and accuracy, we utilized a high-end die-casting process. The quality of the finish was elevated to a spectacular mirror luster through intricate hand polishing. The new look was finished off with a clean, modern base and application of our professional personalization.

Our long-term staff of expert designers, engineers and service and logistics professionals are at the center of our status as the world’s foremost awards designer and manufacturer. And yet, we consider ourselves as much a service company as we are an awards company. More than designing and manufacturing awards for the biggest, most prestigious clients in the industry, we also keep those clients.

Even beloved designs require attention. We have the expertise to handle projects of all sizes and levels of intricacy. Discover how our dedicated concierge service model makes awards design and fulfillment into a luxury experience. Reach us at (212) 845-9980

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