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Awards as Art

Gold Metal Sculpture on Book Shelf

Society Awards creates beautiful recognition trophies for the world's most prestigious programs. We also craft a line of custom-quality awards for sale as our Exclusives line. Each of these trophies meets our industry-leading standards for style and craftsmanship.

At Society Awards, designing these sculptural forms goes beyond the functional. We judge each design for its independent aesthetic value. Awards get displayed in places of prominence in winners' homes and offices. Because of this, every Society Awards Exclusive trophy also functions as home decor.

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Polished Metal Rings Art in Gold and Silver

Exclusive Décor

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Only at Society Awards

Our acclaimed, in-house designers follow a process similar to that of fine artists. Inspiration comes from many sources. The Exclusives Collection inspirations include architecture, modern art, and industrial design, among others.

The greatest works of art make us feel more connected to our world. The world around us provides infinite volumes of meaningful inspiration. Our designers can process this raw data into sculpture of all tastes and styles.

Metallic Jaguar Statues in Modern Space

Luxury Modern Art
& Interior Design

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Modern art influences all disciplines of our lives. A key tenet of modern art is that it values experimentation over tradition. This leads to work that is bold, innovative, and influential.

Tastes have shifted to valuing experimentation in many other areas of daily life. From product design to architecture, the principles of modern art are all around us. This is also true of interior design and decoration. Design implies something beyond utility and function. With any new design trend or movement, there is inherent experimentation.

The Exclusives Collection too was a moment of risk and experimentation. It became the first ever collection of luxury branded awards when it launched in 2014. Now it has expanded to include many new and exciting forms. It has also remained true to the initial values and the desire to design trophies that are beautiful as art.

Stone Obelisks and Leather Bound Books

Choosing Home Décor

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Trophy As Art

Your home is an expression of your personality. Even for individuals less interested in interior design, our personality emerges. Choosing art and décor can be a thrilling a process for some and an equally intimidating one for others. There are many considerations, but the primary criterion is personal appeal. Rely on your instincts to determine which pieces deserve a place in your home.

If a certain sculpture evokes a pleasant memory or generally makes you happy, you should consider it. Filling a house with objects that fit these credentials will ensure a happy result.

The ability to personalize our space to our tastes is a luxury. Interior design has only existed as a profession since the late 19th Century. Since the prosperity of the 1940s and 50s, interior design has become increasingly accessible and popular. The desire for self-expression too has expanded over this time. The home moved away from pure function to one of individual expression.

Gem Crystals

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Axelle crystal is a striking sculpture available in five colorways. The form is an elegant gem with a modern and masculine flair. The surfaces are hand-polished to a bright finish.

Crystal is a wonderful accent to the home or office. In natural and artificial light sources, this prismatic sculpture draws attention and inspires awe.

This version is crafted from a vibrant purple. The color ranges from a pale lavender through to a deep violet depending on the light levels. In direct sunlight the form sends off additional prisms of color. Axelle is also available in black, clear, clear with blue accents and clear with a rainbow dichroic coating.

Purple Gem Crystal in Library

Versatile Centerpiece Art

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Aria combines polished rings and sweeping arcs on a substantial glossy black base. This large sculpture makes an impactful statement.

Consider the form for an entryway, home office or as a living room centerpiece. Aria has an abstract modern flair yet is also very dramatic in a way that appeals to more eclectic tastes. You can imagine this piece twenty times larger in a sculpture garden drawing admiring spectators.

This metal sculpture is plated in 24k gold with a glowing shiny surface.

Gold Rings Sculpture on Red Carpet
Golden Wings Trophy with Books

Gifting Home Décore Sculptures

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Society Awards Exclusive sculptures are exceptionally crafted and finished. Our designers are inspired to create iconic styles, our craftspeople and artisans form each piece with care.

Each Exclusive design arrives in one of our gold gift boxes. These boxes contain a black satin lining over a custom molded form.

The signature presentation box provides protection for your unique home décor object. It also serves as a value add if you are giving this luxury sculpture as a gift to a friend or colleague.

Art Deco Style

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The Gatsby trophies from our Exclusives Line are one example of artful inspiration. These unique, towering forms take visual cues from the art deco movement. Art Deco - which flourished in the 1920s and 30s - resulted in such iconic work as the Chrysler Building in NYC.

In this form, angular panels elevate a sleek, towering silhouette. Gatsby would be as comfortable holding up a row of leather-bound classics as it would a centerpiece on a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona table. The duality between classic and modern is part of why Gatsby is a popular sculpture.

Polished Metal Art Deco Artworks
Elaborate Crystal Figure in Leather Chair


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Objets D'Art

Our Exclusives sculptures are thoughtfully designed and crafted to beautify your space. The inspirations behind each piece vary greatly, and accordingly the styles span a wide range of aesthetics.

From towering modern crystals to organic, art nouveau inspired forms with a more organic style, we have a range of exceptional décor options.

Explore our collection of custom designed objets d'art on our digital boutique and get started finding the perfect décor to suite your space.

Explore the Exclusives or (646) 290-7448