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We craft dazzling crystal awards for the world's most prestigious brands, corporations and artists.


Our Concierge Account Managers are experts in the process of custom awards design. We guide you through to unmatched crystal awards.

From signature hand-polishing to ages-old methods of craftsmanship, we are experts in creating exceptional crystal awards. Crystal is a wonderful material that can be used to great effect for your recognition program. It can create abstract flowing sculptures as easily as a highly-detailed figure. We can also combine this material with a stately marble base or a cast metal form or any number of mixed-materials options to achieve the proper aesthetic. No matter the brief, we execute with precision.


Crystal is a highly-adaptable material. It can be formed into a huge range of shapes that create unique prismatic effects. Crystal colors are not infinite, but the options range the spectrum and will suit the needs of many projects.

Crystal can be cut and polished like gemstones into a huge range of shapes. By hand assembling these custom-cut pieces, we accomplish wonderfully complex sculptures. This may be as simple as recreating a logo or may involve creating a detailed sculpture that encapsulates your brand's aesthetic.


Pâte de verre is an artisanal method of crystal sculpture. It involves kiln firing a mixture of crystal, clear and colored glass, along with mineral fragments.

The process similar to lost wax metal casting, and can take several days while the molten glass flows through the mold. During this time, the glass mixes with color and tiny, champagne like bubbles form. Artists call these bubbles – unique to the pâte de verre technique – the “life of the crystal.” Once the mold is broken apart, the surface is either polished smooth or, alternatively, given a frosted finish. A pâte de verre trophy is one of the ultimate luxury techniques.

Society Awards employs this craft technique to create exquisite custom awards and gifts.


Crystal is unlike any other awards material. It's prismatic characteristics make it inherently enticing and luxurious.

We can create strikingly effective awards by adding color filled logos and text to the surface of a crystal form. Even relatively simple forms — a cylinder, a block — is elevated to a luxury presence with gold colorfill logo as with these examples.


Recognize your honorees exceptionally with a luxury custom crystal award from the world's only luxury awards brand, Society Awards. Our Concierge service team will lead you through to unmatched results with signature luxury touches.

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