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There has been an incredible increase in need expressed for personal protective equipment (PPE). Society Awards has been able to source high quality PPE materials as well as antibody testing kits.

We are first and foremost a luxury service brand. Our clientele includes many of the most iconic and prestigious brands in the world. We support those clients with a logistical prowess unmatched in the industry, and indeed beyond our industry. We are employing our logistical strengths to meet the needs of the global pandemic by sourcing and providing reliable, high-quality PPE at fair prices.


All PPE equipment may be purchased through our online store in the links below. Our PPE and antibody testing kits are currently in-stock and ready to ship from our Oklahoma production facility. This state-of-the-art fulfillment center is centrally located and staffed by a team of long-term logistics professionals who are adhering to strict distancing and sanitation procedures.

We are fortunate to have the connections to source these PPE materials and that we are able to get them into the right hands. In order to ensure that those in need are able to purchase, we have set prices fairly, included bulk pricing, and are also setting purchase quantity caps on certain high-demand products.


Our KN95 protective masks are produced at Powecom, one of the only fourteen US FDA approved suppliers. This model of mask is comparable to the N95, with a matching particulate filtration efficiency of ≥95%.

Unlike many masks on the market, these KN95 protective masks are designed with a headband style instead of the ear loops. These headband-secured masks benefit from additional comfort and a more secure fit.

Shop here for KN95 masks, available in packs of 10.


The Society Awards team is proud to be sourcing PPE in this time of need. If you have a specific PPE need or question, please reach out to our team at