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Whether it’s a personalized plate or etching, our modern personalization techniques allow us to provide awards with a stylish look and distinct features, unique to your needs.


The art of sand etching has been perfected over time since its creation 150 years ago. Etching on crystal creates a beautiful and elegant appearance. This personalization method consists solely of etching material away from surface, often leaving a textural feel or look. Sand etching uses precision to etching text and large custom artworks such as logos or a graphic heavy image. Because of this precision, the etchings will be clean and detailed.

On the other hand, laser etching is recommended for simple items such as small text. Acrylic and metal are the best materials for this personalization method. Plaques and awards with laser etching gives a unique edge that can only be accomplished with a laser.


Color can be added to your etched award in the form of color fill. This unique hand painting technique allows for the designs on your crystal to stand out and magnify the overall appearance of your award. The color is targeted while using color fill, therefore the end result will not be PMS-matched. This is typically a single color process; although, if multiple colors are desired our talented craftspeople can create borders so the colors won't touch or blend together. When a logo is complex, it is recommended to be direct printed. 


The brilliant interplay of light and crystal glass captures moments for all time. Even without laser engraving, crystal is a high-quality material that feels heavy in the hand and is a fascinating material in its own right. Each laser pulse creates a 100 micrometer-sized dot in the glass, which the human eye detects as a slight haziness. Inside the glass, any two- or three-dimensional motive can be created using a large number of small dots.

The laser leaves the surface of the glass untouched, and the visible designs appear only on the inside of the glass. Whether you want to create luxury trophies, individual gifts or unique recognition awards - the possibilities are endless with innovative laser technology in combination with stunning crystal.


Rotary engraving (mechanical engraving) is the process of rotating a cutting tool in a motorized spindle, to cut into material at a predetermined depth to create engraved grooves that form characters and graphics. It can be used to engrave a wide range of materials, including a variety of aluminum, brass, stainless steel, silver, gold, titanium, and platinum.

CNC routers can engrave and cut out thicker and harder materials as the spindle motors are typically more powerful than engraving machines. When cutting materials out, routers can produce beveled edges, so they are not sharp on the sides. CNC routers are used for cutting out a metal shape, not used for personalization.


Print can add an exciting element to any award. If there is a multi-color gradient or a color to PMS match, print is the best solution. PMS matching is a computer color coding system that allows us to print in any color necessary. This method works best with flat awards as they keep the paint even when the color gets added. Printing can also be applied to a plate of your choice which will then affix to the award.

There are many types of print including UV sublimate, heat press sublimate and vinyl transfer. UV inks dry through photoinitiators in the ink and are solidified by UV lamps. When the inks are exposed to ultraviolet energy, they turn from a liquid into a solid and are immediately “cured”. 


Heat press sublimate uses a special transfer paper and sublimation ink which is then heated up to 350°-400° F to harden. The use of a heat press is a modern and simple way of transferring text and artwork onto an award.

Vinyl transfer is a technique to get lettering and designs into difficult to reach places. This special kind of vinyl is flexible, extremely soft to touch, and also very durable. Vinyl material is available in various textures and materials such as glossy, matte, shiny, etc.


If your trophy is for a large-scale awards show or a company recognition program, we can explore any number of luxury touches to enhance your personalization options. Our team looks forward to exploring custom personalization solutions to meet your award program’s goals.

Learn more about the ways we amplify your program with unrivaled service and capabilities.

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