Reserve / Replacement Statue


Use this order form to replace older statues that may be damaged, if you would like to replace the rectangle base design with the circular base design, or if you are placing an order for a Reserve Statue.

If purchasing a Replacement Statue, the original statue or pieces of it, payment, and verification by the chapter will determine if the production of this Replacement Statue will be processed.

The price is $275 and shipping and engraving.

After you have selected your award, please review the copy below for accuracy. Please note that your award copy will be professionally typeset and formatted, approval is for content only. If there are any changes that need to be made to the content, please contact the chapter administrator at

I have reviewed the above personalization for accuracy and am hereby confirming that all names, wording, layout, and all elements are correct. Once you add to cart and proceed to payment, the above shown copy will be final and will be engraved on your personalized trophy. If you see any inconsistencies, do not place your order and instead reach out to the chapter administrator at

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