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  1. Sea Shell Dip Bowl
    Sea Shell Dip Bowl

    Nambé Alloy
    Priced from $40.00

  2. Copper Canyon Bowl
    Copper Canyon Bowl

    Copper-coated Nambé Alloy, FDA Food Safe
    Priced from $42.00

  3. Butterfly Bowl
    Butterfly Bowl

    Museum Style for the Table, Designed in 1967
    Priced from $100.00

  4. Tahoe Pitcher
    Tahoe Pitcher

    Sleek Stainless Steel Pitcher
    Priced from $125.00

  5. Plaza Vase
    Plaza Vase

    Tapered Metal Form
    Priced from $85.00

  6. Arc Bowl
    Arc Bowl

    Contemporary Shape, Unexpected Detail
    Priced from $110.00

  7. Okinawa Vase
    Okinawa Vase

    Crystal Vase
    Prices from $98.00

  8. Wave Business Card Holder
    Wave Business Card Holder

    Perfect office gift or corporate gift
    Priced from $40.00

  9. Twist Coaster Set
    Twist Coaster Set

    Nambé Alloy & Acacia wood, Set of 6
    Priced from $165.00

  10. Star Bird Limited
    Star Bird Limited

    Rose Gold & Marble Sculpture
    Prices from $195.00

  11. Oblong Nest Salad Bowl w/ Servers
    Oblong Nest Salad Bowl w/ Servers

    Nambé Alloy with Acacia Wood Servers
    Priced from $125.00

  12. Teardrop Bowl
    Teardrop Bowl

    Nambé Alloy Bowl
    Priced from $175.00

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42 Items

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