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  1. Column Star
    Column Star

    Brilliantly Polished Accessory or Award
    Priced from $85.00

  2. Butterfly Bowl
    Butterfly Bowl

    Museum Style for the Table, Designed in 1967
    Priced from $150.00

  3. Plaza Vase
    Plaza Vase

    Tapered Metal Form
    Priced from $80.00

  4. Braid Glass Salad Bowl
    Braid Glass Salad Bowl Elegant Bowl with 2 Servers
    Priced from $185.00
  5. Dazzle Toasting Flutes
    Dazzle Toasting Flutes

    High-style Flute Set
    Priced from $75.00

  6. Curvo Spoon Rest
    Curvo Spoon Rest

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessory
    Priced from $30.00

  7. Handled Bowl
    Handled Bowl

    Retains heat and cold for hours
    Priced from $99.00

  8. Braid Cake Plate
    Braid Cake Plate Glass Plate on Artistic, Patterned Stand
    Priced from $135.00
  9. Sea Shell Dip Bowl
    Sea Shell Dip Bowl

    Nambé Alloy
    Priced from $35.00

  10. Blend Bar Board
    Blend Bar Board

    Acacia wood, Stainless Steel
    Priced from $60.00

  11. Swoop Cheese Board
    Swoop Cheese Board

    Stainless steel and wood
    Priced from $89.00

  12. Yaro Salad Bowl
    Yaro Salad Bowl

    Graceful Wood Bowl with Metal-accented Servers
    Priced from $155.00

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57 Items

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