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Aurora Awards


Aurora Awards


Established in 1996, the Aurora Awards is an international and independent competition dedicated to recognizing brilliance in the media industry, specifically in film, video, and motion media. Judging is peer based completed by award winning working film and video professionals.


Categories include documentaries, commercials, entertainment, instructional, interactive, and technical as well as individual achievement awards for writing, directing, cinematography/videography, audio design, music, and many others in over 120 subcategories.


Laura Lee Stay-Bradshaw, nationally famous sculptor, was commissioned for the competition to create the Aurora statue, which was expressly created to represent filmmakers' creative push for higher ground. The beauty that represents greatness is created by its powerful vertical lines and flowing form.


We are honored to partner with Aurora Awards in crafting this one-of-a-kind award.


Learn more about the Aurora Awards.

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