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A Brief History of the Clios

Three Clio trophies in crystal, gold and black displayed on a white table at Society Awards NYC headquarters

The Clio Awards have announced the shortlist and winners for the 2018 competition. In advance of the awards show, we wanted to share a bit more about the iconic program and custom trophy. 

The first Clio Awards ceremony was in 1960, where each honoree was presented with a statuette whose design has changed minimally over the last fifty eight years. That’s thanks to the prolific designer, Georg Olden, who designed the original in its perfectly proportioned splendor. 

The form has since been upgraded, however, with a more modern base and new finishes. Society Awards, for its part, implemented world-class manufacturing and finishing processes. The form is now precision cast, hand-polished and presented in custom packaging. The central form, however, remains true to Mr. Olden’s vision of a sleek, modern muse. 

The program has grown to one of the most recognizable and prestigious awards in the world. Even for massive advertising agencies, a Clio is a prolific honor. For those individuals whose work is recognized, a Clio can change lives and launch careers. 

The gorgeous statuettes will be presented at the biggest evening of the year for advertising, the Clios Awards Show, on October 3rd in New York City. Grand winners are announced at the event.

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