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Corporate Wizards


Book cover of The Wizards by Michael Caldwell on a table in our office Whiskey Library


Written by Michael Caldwell, The Corporate Wizards profiles American entrepreneurs about the fastest growing companies in the country (which they built). This group of Corporate Wizards includes our founder David W. Moritz, President of Society Awards. Caldwell’s riveting account of how Moritz came to found the company and the obstacles he overcame is a wildly entertaining and fast read.

In discussing the distinction between Moritz’s company and its competitors, Moritz explains how customer service is key: “Even from the start, I had this vision of how it would be structured. To me in this context customer service means keeping the ball in your court. It’s not up to the client to figure out what to do next; we tell them what the next step will be. We guide them through it. We find out all the things that are difficult - from getting the names spelled right to proofing artwork - and make sure there are no errors during the entire awards process and that their needs are accommodated so the whole experience is luxurious for them. With us, they don’t have to figure out how to be expert awards coordinators; all they need to do is approve things and we do the rest.”

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