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Custom Trophy Spotlight: Hermes Creative Awards

Newly redesigned Hermes Creative Awards trophy designed by Society Awards

Each year, the Hermes Creative Awards recognize excellence in marketing and communication. The prestigious program, now in its twentieth year, is named for the Greek mythological messenger to the Gods, Hermes. For the 2018 competition the trophy has been redesigned.

The new trophy is an abstraction of the program’s namesake winged messenger. Crafted in highly-detailed cast metal, the new trophy has a distinctive, modern flair. 

The top of the trophy is a set of upright wings joined at the middle. Each wing is made up of narrow ‘feathers’ that radiate outward from the center-point in stepped layers for an added visual depth. The connection between the wings creates the crossbar of an abstract capital ‘H’ with each wing serving as a stem.

The diecast metal wings are plated in 24k gold and silver chrome to denote the gold and platinum winners, respectively. The final forms are hand-polished to a mirror finish and mounted onto custom oval marble bases.

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