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Exclusives Spotlight: Paris Crystals


The four crystal trophy designs from the Paris Crystals exclusive collection of awards


From the Society Awards Exclusives Collection of custom-quality awards, we present the Paris Crystals.

These forms – crafted in brilliant, optic clear crystal – were inspired by antique perfume bottles found in a Parisian market. The artistry, variety and complexity of these bottles resulted in the four trophies presented below. Each evokes distinctive elements of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements.

Oval shaped, faceted crystal oval trophy mounted on base

The first form from the collection is Oval. The top of this unique crystal trophy is an inverted droplet covered in facets that vary in shape and size for a dramatic, gem-like appearance. A sloping, geometric base creates a strong visual balance with the gravity-defying top form.

Diamond shaped crystal mounted on geometric base

The second crystal trophy in the collection is Diamond. The base of Diamond is made up of eight triangular sides (four inverted) and diamond-shaped top and bottom faces. The central form is a wide-beveled diamond. As its name implies, Diamond is made up of many facets that create a stunning prismatic effect.

Tower plaque crystal award with sand etched stripes and stepped silhouette

Paris Crystal 3: Tower is a beautiful example of how the Art Deco movement translates into the world of awards. The tall central ‘plaque’ has a symmetrical, stepped silhouette and is accented with vertical stripes that are sand-etched on the reverse. This allows for customization on the central plaque as well as the base.

Large inverted pyramid crystal trophy mounted on base

The fourth form in the Paris Crystals collection is the Enorme, which is over ten inches tall and is made from an impressive twelve pounds of hand-polished crystal. The top form is an inverted triangle made up of non-symmetrical facets. This complex prism is at once both contrasted and balanced by a classic trapezoidal base. The large flat surface on the base allows for a large amount of personalization.

Whether for a corporate gathering, elegant awards gala or creative or sporting competition, there is a Paris Crystal that is sure to impress your honoree. Reach a concierge at 212.845.9980 to learn more about how these beautiful crystal trophies can be further customized.

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