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Forbes visits The Studio at Society Awards

Our headquarters—located in the burgeoning NYC enclave known as Long Island City—is a space unlike any other. From large-scale, custom artwork and Mid-Century modern furniture to a fully-stocked bar, a meditation space and a conference room lined with hundreds of the world’s most valuable and prestigious trophies.

Wide view of our Whiskey Library with overdyed rugs, leather chairs, hanging brass light fixtures, custom wood shelves

For visitors, however, the most time is spent in our massive Whiskey Library—our previous production space which has been converted with custom shelving, Edison-bulb chandeliers, over-dyed Persian rugs and leather arm chairs. It is a library in the classic sense—shelves filled books—but it is also a library of whiskeys. Well over one hundred and fifty whiskeys are on display and ready to be savored in any one of our fine crystal tumblers.

The combination of rare and unusual elements creates a lasting impression. So it came as no surprise when our friend, spirits expert and writer John McCarthy, asked to use the space for an editorial photo shoot. John was joined in our studio by photographer Joseph Heroun to capture the season’s most intriguing ryes for his latest article on—

“Brand New, Kick Butt, Must-Try Whiskeys” By John McCarthy

The different textures, patterns and objets d’art in the Whiskey Library became particularly gorgeous backdrops in the masterfully-creative hands of Mr. Heroun. Read reviews and tasting notes of these new whiskeys and see the stunning photography by opening the above link (the images in this blog are our own, not those of Mr. Heroun).

Close-up view of the Gold Twist award among books and whiskey in the Whiskey Library

The Whiskey Library also became the stage for a new brand video in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary. Watch below:

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