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Limited Edition: Ribbons

From the Limited Edition Collection of artful awards, we present a second objet d’art – Ribbons 1. This remarkable piece of recognition is crafted from the most exquisite materials and processes. 

3 views of limited edition Ribbons 1 award. Design has two twisting gold-plated bands rising out of a black metal base

The base of the award is a cubic form crafted from pure aluminum, which is finished in a high-gloss black coating. The geometric base provides visual contrast to the organic form mounted on top. The design of this form is that of abstract ribbons flowing through the air. 

A large three-dimensional “ribbon” emerges from the top-center of the base and then splits off into a slightly thinner second ribbon. Both are crafted using high-precision pewter casting to achieve perfect detailing, true to the design intention. Each is plated in gold and receives a mirror-luster polishing before being mounted by hand.

The two ribbons are 4-sided extrusions rising upward and inward towards an imaginary vertical visual centerline. At the same time, the surfaces of these ribbons twist outward, away from that centerline. The effect of these twisting surfaces is a dynamic, almost molten, appearance as the gold plated surfaces reflect simultaneously from many directions.

2 views of the limited edition Ribbons 1 trophy. Above view of the award and up-close of the top

The thinner of the two ribbons twists in the same direction as the larger (counter clock-wise, as viewed from the top) but angles towards the central line more slowly and ceases at the three-quarters visual height. As the larger ribbon moves upward beyond this point, it breaks free of the vertical visual centerline. The effect is that of a flame’s tip flicking back in the wind. And in fact, the overall appearance of Ribbons 1 – with its organic and gleaming surfaces – is very much that of abstract flames.

Due to the extraordinary time and care necessary to produce each, the awards in the Limited Edition Collection are rare. The pieces contained within are daring experimentations without compromise. This is recognition at its pinnacle, a proud expression of the superior craftsmanship at Society Awards.

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