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The Limited Editions

5 trophies from the World's First Limited Editions Collection of awards. From left to right: Twist Texture, Rings, Ribbons, Malachite Obelisk, Figure.

Our new Limited Edition Series unites art and award as never before. The collection of five exclusive designs is crafted from exceptional materials, using the most complex processes.

Three of these objets d’art – Figure 1, Rings 1 and Twist Texture 1 – ­start life as solid blocks of aluminum before being meticulously machined into elegant, flowing forms. These carved sculptures are coated in gleaming, modern finishes before being hand-polished. The fourth objet – Ribbons 1 – is precision-cast from high-end pewter and electroplated in 24k gold. The fifth and final form from this initial capsule collection is an obelisk, hand-assembled from 100% gemstone-quality Malachite and polished to a lustrous finish.

The concept is unlike that of any other awards company. In materials, finish and design, these pieces have no rival. Each is the sort of object you would expect to find in a 5-star hotel lobby or in the home of an affluent art collector.

Even with extensive custom budgets, these pieces are beyond the realm of possibility. They came to life unburdened by budgets or deadlines. The price of creating any of these as one-off custom pieces would be debilitating. We chose instead to flex our muscle to make real these large, striking forms for those customers in need of a breath-taking award that speaks for itself. 

Powerful forms, modern detailing and exquisite finishing define our brand, but with this collection we bring those principles to unprecedented levels. 

Each award is individually numbered and very limited in production.

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