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Spotlight: Nambé Tempo

Front view of Nambé Tempo designer award and collaborative logo

Nambé Tempo was named for its visual allusions to music. Two, curving rings create a striking appearance of rhythmic movement with their highly-polished, gleaming surfaces. The rings mirror one another, creating a harmonious flow – and are thus, “in tempo.” 

Tempo is precision-machined from large blocks of pure, aerospace-grade aluminum. The process to create this piece is time-consuming and requires exceptional craftsmanship. 

Starting from these solid blocks aluminum, layers are carefully machined away, much as a sculptor would chisel away layers of marble. It’s an expensive and time-consuming method of craftsmanship and is typically reserved for very limited production art pieces. The results, however, are exceptional. It was only fitting that this world’s-first trophy collection should include a piece crafted in this fashion.

Tempo is not electroplated as with most metal awards. Instead, the raw surface is hand-polished to allow the aluminum to show its unique and alluring character. The material polishes beautifully by this method and appears almost molten. The final effect is both industrial and ethereal.

Close up of Nambé + Society Awards Tempo trophy

Tempo Limited – a 16″ version of Tempo – is a particularly rare expression of recognition. It is the single most valuable trophy available on the retail market today. It is crafted in the same manner as the Tempo, but is a major presence by way of its massive size.

Tempo and Tempo Limited are individually-numbered as part of an extremely limited release. Each trophy arrives in custom silver gift packaging, exclusive to the Nambé + Society Awards collection. 

View the Full Collection here

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