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Spotlight: AMCP

Five Custom Metal Trophies created by Society Awards for AMCP

The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) has been a leading voice in the creative industry for over twenty years. The brand leads five of the industry’s most famous recognition programs. Each program benefits from the expertise of thousands of AMCP members who administer and judge the submitted works. In the above image, you can see the custom Society Awards trophies from these programs, from left to right: MarCom, Hermes, AVA Digital, Communitas and dotCOMM. Read on to find out what makes each awards program unique.


The MarCom Awards recognize the best in marketing and communications. The trophy is a female figure with a proud stance. Her right arm is raised with a torch while her left arm extends back against her cascading robe. The form is at once both flowing and geometrically structured. The highly polished custom silver award is mounted atop a black nickel base that provides a gorgeous contrast (it also comes in gold to denote the tier below Platinum).


Each year tens of thousands of people enter what is one of the oldest and most respected programs of its kind, the Hermes Awards. The trophy was updated for the 2018 program with the name-sake winged messenger replaced by an abstracted form. Two wings rise from the white marble base and connect at the mid-way point to create a subtle “H.”

AVA Digital

The AVA Digital Awards program is a widely respected competition that honors top talent in “digital creativity, branding and strategy.” The AVA trophy is an elegant female form with arms outstretched and holding a film reel that is scattering into a digital pixelation. The form comes in either gold or platinum-chrome plating, each mounted on a black nickel base.


The Communitas Awards program was created to bring much-needed awareness to the issues that our society and environment face, and most importantly to honor those who are doing something to bring about positive change. The custom metal award is in the form of two leaves with high-end green cloisonné enamel detailing. The metal sculpture is mounted atop a cylindrical wood base.


The dotCOMM Awards program is the newest in the AMCP family. The program fills a demand for recognition of exceptional digital creativity and communication. The custom metal award for this competition incorporates a pixelated pattern that trails off in the upper right hand corner of the central form to give a sense of building blocks, movement and a progression. The central circle is plated in either 24k gold or platinum-colored metal with both awards featuring a color-correct signature blue lower section and white marble base. The shape is unlike any other award and yet, from a design stand-point, is also a highly successful piece of recognition.

Each of these programs was built on the principle that exceptional creative work comes from agencies of all sizes and no matter the budget, great work deserves recognition. To enter your own work into any of the above, visit

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