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Six famous trophies on a white conference room table at the Society Awards New York offices

Pictured above in our New York trophy room is a grouping of some of Society Awards’s most prestigious entertainment custom awards clients. From left to right: the MTV Movie Award (now Movie & TV Award), Clio, Emmy, American Music Award, Golden Globes Statuette, MTV VMA Moonperson (previously “Moonman”). Learn more about these prestigious programs below.

MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards began in 1992 to follow up on the youthful, energetic and wildly popular MTV Video Music Awards. Nominees are selected internally at MTV but are voted on by the public. The program expanded in 2017 to include television and thus the program name changed to the MTV Movie & TV Awards. The trophy has remained the iconic and playful popcorn cup but has been upgraded and refined over the years. The custom metal award receives different branding each year on the cup section depending on the design of the program.


Although the Clio is largely an industry awards program, it has become well-known in popular culture and globally recognized as one of the most prestigious trophies. It certainly looks the part in this group of trophies. The Clio recognizes the very best in advertising – which increasingly blurs the line between marketing and entertainment. The trophy combines perfected proportions and a modern aesthetic that have given it incredible longevity (the design has changed very minimally over the years). 


The Emmy recognizes accomplishment in the television industry. The program stands as one of the most prestigious and iconic trophies in the world. The golden figure is internationally known. Her proud stance, modern style and timeless design have required little change over the years. Society Awards currently produces the daytime Emmy statuette as well as a number of other personalized crystal awards and plaques.

American Music Awards

For over forty years, the AMA’s have honored the highest talent in the music industry. Unlike some programs, the AMA’s rely on polls from fans and the general public to select winners. The trophy is a high-end Lucite spike form that has the luster and prismatic quality of crystal without the excessive weight of such a large trophy.

Golden Globe Statuette

Each year the Golden Globes kick off what is known as ‘awards season’ (although we know awards season to go year round). Winners of film and television are chosen by a group called the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who put on the program each year. Members of the HFPA are experts and leaders in the industry. The trophy is a highly-detailed globe with a film strip running around it. That custom metal form is plated in several stages before receiving its final 24k gold plating and a hand-polishing. This sculptural form is then mounted atop a special, imported marble base.


The Video Music Awards were the start of a new age in awards shows. Until the first VMA’s in 1984, award shows were guarded, exclusive. While there’s nothing wrong with the old way, the VMA’s ushered in a more engaging show for a younger generation. The brand’s iconic Moon Person makes for an alluring and coveted trophy.

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