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Nambé: A Name You Should Know

Green dining table set with pieces from the Nambé collection of luxury tableware goods. At each seat around the table is a Society Angel award

If you’ve visited our Shop site recently, you’ve seen new products from Nambé join our line-up. Society Awards is a long-time fan of Nambé. 

Society Awards offers the most luxurious, unique and custom recognition objects in the industry. For our clients and for our reputation, we are very meticulous and controlling of the products we offer. Our “business” is awards, but we see ourselves as so much more. We are also lovers of art and design, connoisseurs of beauty.

We share this passion and expertise through our gorgeous exclusive and custom awards. To push beyond the high expectations of our clients, we are constantly on the lookout for beautiful new forms of recognition. In Nambé, we saw a chance to offer a wider array of really exquisite gifting options.

Stunning Nambé designs become even more unique and cherished objects with our Industry-leading White Glove service standard and available personalization. Our expertly-applied etching allows you the option to add a message in an array of font choices as well as the option to add a corporate logo. Rarely do we find a brand so well-aligned with our taste and standard of quality.

Nambé is one of those meticulous, boutique luxury companies that we believe you should know more about. The unusual name of this American company comes from its place of birth, Nambé, New Mexico. The brand began more than six decades ago with a new, innovative and proprietary metal alloy. That alloy, for its luster and durability, has endured time and continues to define the brand.

What sets Nambé apart – and why we love their products – is the modern, sensual aesthetic. They are responsible for some of the most stunning product designs around. Whereas Society Awards creations are most at home on the red carpet, Nambé pieces are regularly found in top design museums. The creations of both brands, however, can be found around the world in the residences and offices of high-performers with distinguished tastes.

There is a distinct similarity between Nambé and Society Awards. Both brands employ worldly and innovative designers to create beautiful objects. Both brands forge work from the finest materials. Both craft with great care and attention to detail. When you present a Nambé or Society Awards creation, you are communicating that you took great care and thought in selecting an object perfectly suited to the occasion. This is part of the service we offer – relief in knowing that you will receive a superior product. That is luxury service – never allowing a customer to be misrepresented. A gift is an extension of yourself and we know the importance of this exchange.

As with our luxurious trophies, awards and gifts, our Nambé offerings are further elevated with our extensive customization options. The opportunity to give so covetous and personal a gift is, we believe, the epitome of luxury gifting.

We’re proud to add these artistic products to our offerings; they maintain the quality, beauty and distinction standards our clients expect. If you have not had a chance to see our newest offerings, please visit our the Nambé tab on our new shopping site at

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