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Society Awards presents "Beyond the Red Carpet" Exhibit

Society Awards hits the red carpet

Society Awards hits the red carpet.

Society Awards, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of luxury awards, recently gave visitors a glimpse behind the curtain by hosting a groundbreaking exhibit at the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte, titled “Beyond the Red Carpet.” The 10-week exhibit unveiled more than 150 luxury and globally renowned awards. 

The exhibit opened with a lavish party on night one. Visitors were invited to walk the red carpet to the anticipated exhibit through a host of paparazzi to add to the ambiance. The mood was set by the creative black-tie attire and walls of roses and champagne. Guests experienced a small glimpse of what famous award-recipients feel as they got up-close-and-personal with Golden Globe, MTV, and American Music Awards. 

The standout of opening night and the subsequent 10-week exhibit was the detailed craftsmanship and designs of each of the more than 150 awards. The exhibit was broken down into six distinct categories, all unique and intriguing in their own way. The Fame category was comprised of culturally celebrated and universally recognized awards like the Golden Globes and the iconic MTV Moon Person. Moving to The Makers category, visitors would see awards recognized for their attention to craft and design, like Society Awards’ own Gem Obelisks and Twist Texture Award. The Notable category is where our artistic collaborations shine through. From David Yurman to Baccarat, these awards combine their signature styles with our creative process. The intrigue does not stop there, as there was something for everyone; Unexpected awards featured favorite companies like Mercedes-Benz and Chick-fil-A, Sports fans could revel in the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards (ESPY) or the NFL Players Association Awards, and viewers could see the Creator Awards their favorite YouTubers have won. 

The first of its kind, Society Awards CEO, David Moritz notes, “No one’s ever done anything like this. While many of the entertainment and famous awards are only ever seen by their recipients, or through your television, there are icons, artwork, and masterpieces that represent the pinnacle of achievement in every industry.” This momentous occasion represents one of the few times the awards themselves are in the spotlights, allowing their beauty and impeccable designs to shine through.