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Unique Corporate Awards

Unique corporate awards


If you’re not a national hero or a competitive athlete, then the last award you received probably came from an employer or another community group. Of the countless reasons so many companies, organizations, and corporations regularly acknowledge their members, appreciation is typically the chief motivation – because sometimes, your people deserve more than a simple “thank you.”

One exceptional way to do that is to give your team members unique corporate awards that radiate prestige and quality.

Whether celebrating your people for outstanding performance, career milestones, innovation, client satisfaction, promoting company values, or fostering a positive work culture, acknowledging such achievements encourages a sense of belonging. It’s also a public demonstration of gratitude – and helps fulfill a deep, universal human need to feel valued.

Society Awards crafts luxury pieces of art that exude distinction and express genuine appreciation for your team members. Recipients will take pride in displaying these coveted awards, both in the office and at home.

Unique Corporate Awards: Beyond Trophies

Countless employers and organizations make conscious, regular efforts to recognize their members for outstanding performance and pivotal events.

A team member who devotes heart and soul to achieving peak performance should receive a unique, thoughtful gift of the highest quality. Give your people rewards they won’t want to keep hidden on an office shelf. Honor their dedication with distinctive, sincere gestures that instill an intangible sense of fulfillment whenever they glimpse the figure on their mantel at home.

Society Awards is the only luxury brand that provides organizations with exquisite works of art that also serve as unique corporate awards. When you confer prizes of this caliber on your people, they’ll appreciate the time you’ve taken to celebrate them. We’ve included a few examples of our work in the table below.

Standout Examples

The Custom Aluminum Excellence Award for this leading video platform is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, boasting a unique geometry that enhances the brand's prominent logo.

Hand-assembled with precision, this award embodies sophistication and innovation to honor team members for continued excellence.

This unique corporate award created for a high-profile chicken sandwich chain redefines corporate recognition with its unparalleled design. Three metal arms spiral elegantly upward from a central marble base, embodying the chain's signature red hue. Each meticulously crafted arm reflects the brand's commitment to excellence.

The interplay of light and shadow on its polished surface creates a mesmerizing display, evoking a sense of prestige and sophistication.

Unlike any other award in the world, the Century Art Crystal showcases an artistic exploration of a distinctive production technique. Layers of crystal are meticulously fused and hand-polished to form the seamless trophy column.

The award reveals a dynamic interplay of colors and prisms when viewed from different angles, offering a captivating and multifaceted viewing experience. Impressively crafted, this piece is designed to honor exceptional recipients with refined tastes.

Our Gold Twist tower gracefully ascends with large and small square plates that curve and twist, spiraling upward from a sleek black crystal base.

Precision-crafted with a zinc diecasting process, the upper structure boasts sharp detailing and is luxuriously finished with 24k gold plating. Hand-polishing gives the piece a mirror-like finish that exudes opulence and sophistication.

Our Society Wings 1 award features wings emanating from a central point to create a starburst effect. A sleek, mirror-like silver finish blends retro and mid-century modern aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

The balanced pillars rise elegantly, crafted from die-cast zinc and plated in our rhodium-nickel alloy. They rest on a painted oval wooden base with a beveled top edge, adding to its distinguished appeal.

What Sets Society Awards Apart

At Society Awards, we're passionate about surpassing typical garden-variety trophies and plaques. Our creations are a labor of love, meticulously crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We believe in more than simply adding your organization's logo; we strive to elevate awards into true works of art.

From entirely unique designs to meticulously refined classics, our collection boasts a variety of options, each produced with the same dedication to craftsmanship.

Our Ready-To-Award pieces are anything but off-the-shelf – they project exclusivity and sophistication, thanks to partnerships with esteemed brands like Nambé, renowned for their distinctive alloy blends.

No matter what design path you choose, Society Awards ensures that your unique corporate award will stand out as a genuine recognition of excellence. Your award is designed to:

  • Showcase stunning visual appeal.
  • Endure the test of time.
  • Evoke pride in recipients, serving as a focal point for personal décor and a distinguished professional symbol of achievement.

Society Awards Ensures Your Award Recipients Feel Revered

When it comes to corporate recognition, creations by Society Awards set the standard for excellence. We are dedicated to elevating the art of acknowledgment beyond mere tokens of appreciation into carefully crafted masterpieces.

We believe that recognition should be more than a fleeting moment; it should be an enduring symbol of accomplishment and gratitude. By leveraging our experience in crafting some of the most prestigious awards in the world, including the Emmy, Golden Globe, Billboard Music Award, and American Music Award, we infuse the same level of care and craftsmanship into each of our unique corporate awards.

Visit our Ready-To-Award shop or reach out to discover more about our luxury award services.