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Introducing our Century Crystals

Discover our exceptional collection of Century Crystals.Discover our exceptional collection of Century Crystals.

Our Century Crystals collection draws inspiration from mid-century modern sculptural artists who have been exploring the interplay between light and color since the 1970s, taking cues from visionaries like Vasa Mihich and his iconic acrylic sculptures. At Society Awards, we venture beyond acrylic, harnessing the refractivity of crystal while maintaining a tangible sense of weight and substance. Our choice to utilize clear and colored borosilicate crystal, abstaining from the use of print, ink, or graphics in this collection, sets our creations apart as it emphasizes the innate beauty of the crystal. 

Our creative journey centers on the interplay of vibrant hues and innovative forms. However, the transparency of crystal calls for careful consideration when crafting color combinations, making the translation from concept to reality a unique challenge. We welcome this challenge by combining our design and production resources to breathe life into these exquisite pieces. 

The result? Crystal sculptures whose beauty is self-evident. Every detail is meticulously considered, from providing a brighter color scheme which varies by perspective to surfaces primed for personalization and customization. 

Discover an exceptional collection of captivating crystal sculptures crafted by Society Awards and designed for use as extraordinary awards. 

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