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Limited Edition: Figure

3 views of the limited edition Figure 1 trophy

The Society Awards Limited Edition Figure 1 is an award, and it is a true work of art. As with all quality artwork, it is an exercise in both craftsmanship and design restraint.

This first piece from our most exclusive collection to date takes on one of the most iconic trophy subjects – the upright figure. Many famous awards have used this subject, but ours is borne from a deep knowledge of form and process.

Two connected narrow columns rise from the black metal base to form the legs of Figure 1. The circumference of each leg grows as your eye moves upward. To achieve this and maintain the vertical center-line, the outline of each leg angles gently outward. The linear quality of Figure 1’s legs acts as a visual transition between the geometric base and curvaceous body they connect. The silhouette narrows at the mid-line to create robust hips before gently bowing back out at the chest with subtle femininity. The arms of Figure 1 rest at its side, with fingertips extending to the point at which the legs begin to curve into hips. The lines of the arms curve in tandem with the silhouette of the torso.

Figure 1 is an artistic celebration of the human form. At eighteen inches in height, the piece is an impressive objet d’art. The figure is machined from a huge, solid piece of aluminum – a process that is unmatched in quality, if wasteful in its pursuit. The final form is plated in 24 karat gold before receiving a high-luster hand polishing by an expert craftsman. In hand, it is an emotion-invoking validation of whatever achievement could warrant so luxurious an award.

Pieces from our Limited Edition Collection are, as the name implies, rare. To that end, each award is individually numbered and arrives with a certificate of authenticity. The Limited Editions mark the pinnacle of exceptional recognition – pieces destined for the hands of the world’s elite.

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