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Interview with Larry Maloney,  Society Awards VP Sales

Larry Maloney, VP Sales at Society Awards, pictured wearing a black shirt.

What did you study in college? What was your first job coming out of school?
My study in college was Economics, although I spent the majority of my four years managing a store on campus.  It was a lot more fun.  My first job was international expatriate compensation consulting (yawn.) I worked with multinational companies to come up with cost of living adjustments for employees who were working abroad to make sure that they could maintain the same standard of living as they would at home, adjusting for exchange rate changes, inflation rates, even lifestyle changes (for example, in Lagos Nigeria all expats have to hire a driver to safely get around.)

Try to describe your role in Society Awards with three adjectives. 
Creative, fluid, thoughtful.

You work from the Society Awards office in Chicago, IL. What functions are carried out there?
Lots!  Sales, custom service, human resources, warehouse management… Although we are spread out across three different locations, we stay in constant contact though phone, face time and emails.

How does your role compare to David’s?
David is the strategist, the rest of us make it happen.

What is the process of manufacturing an award? In 100 words or less?  
I guess first deciding what the client wants, what vision to they have in their head that we can bring to life. Then deciding how we can create for them the best award for their budget, what materials to use, what size. From there it is modeling, molding, making, personalizing, shipping and thrilling (the customer.)

Who do you most admire in the industry?    
A certain customer, not to be named, who does an amazing job balancing a professional and personal life, who runs a very successful business and has fun doing it.

What advice can you give regarding creating & maintaining relationships with clients?
Be honest and not afraid to tell them the truth versus what they may want to hear.

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