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Spotlight: iHeartRadio Music Awards


iHeartRadio Music Award shown at a front angle on a dark, abstract background


Since it’s inauguration in 2014, the iHeartRadio Music Awards have been a resounding success. Each year, the program recognizes incredibly talented artists with honors such as “Best Fan Army” and “Artist of the Year.” Yet we believe the real win is being able to take home the exquisite iHeartRadio trophy!

iHeartMedia – formerly known as Clear Channel – recently re-branded to better reflect their core message. The new brand is now an all-access platform for live events, broadcast radio and digital products.

Society Awards created the iHeartRadio Music Award in solid metal and used high-end rhodium electroplating to achieve the stunning shine. The sculpture is an intricate form and took great care and skill to craft.

We set out to make the trophy into a dense and highly-detailed creation, while still preserving the unique design quality. Using our superior materials and manufacturing processes, we were able to upgrade the trophy. Our techniques allowed for more angles, deeper contours and incredible accuracy.

Image of the bottom iHeartReadio Music Awards trophy, which shows a the extruded-text effect

It was truly an honor to see the iHeartRadio Music award presented nationally on live television to those outstanding artists in the record industry.

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