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Interview with Vicky Fotopoulou Society Awards 3D Designer

Vicky Fotopoulou, 3D Designer, sitting and sketching an award design in our New York office

Where does your inspiration come from?

It varies. Usually for award designs, my inspiration comes from architecture. After I become inspired, I try to figure out each brand’s purpose. I look at their logo, research the brand, and then combine it with Society Awards’ vision.

What do you do when you reach a creative roadblock?

The good thing about Society Awards is that we have a lot of projects going on at the same time. If I notice that something is not working for me creatively, I just switch to another project. I try to distance myself from it then come back to it to see how it goes.

Did you always see yourself having a career in a creative field?

I did a lot of painting when I was young, so I was always using my creative skills.

What drew you to 3D design?

I was an animator at the start of my career—I like motion graphics and the combination of motion graphics and 3D. I wanted something different than character animation, so 3D design was more the route that I wanted to follow.

Do you think that living in Greece and having exposure to different parts of the world helped to shape you into the creative person that you are?

I traveled in Argentina and Saudi Arabia. Seeing different cultures and people, and interacting with their lifestyles and artwork definitely helped me see from a different perspective.

Tell me about how you collaborate with David and Gabrielle on projects.

David and Gabrielle tell me what the brief is and what the client is envisioning. From that point on, I show them my ideas and we collaborate and combine ideas together—that is the fun part.

What is your favorite part about using CAD software to transform your designs into 3D renderings?

Seeing the idea come to life. Being able to envision it in such a small space, and having it actually made—I think that’s fulfilling.

Your eye for design must help you build a great wardrobe. What are your favorite fashion and luxury brands?

If I like something, I’ll buy it—that’s my thing. If I had to choose, Alexander McQueen is definitely one of my favorites and Prada is another one.

You have designed custom creations for many clients—could you tell me about some of your favorite projects that you have worked on?

The NFL award was one of my favorites. It was challenging in the context of finding a way to blend what the NFL wanted with Society Awards’ vision. I had to figure out how to combine a sculpture with movement. The ball was designed to feel like it’s moving.

What advice would you give an aspiring designer?

Work, work, work, and work. As long as you work hard and you love it, I think you’ll make it.

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