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Metropolis Crystal Award: From the City to the Red Carpet

The large and small Metropolis Crystal awards, viewed at an angle

Meet the newest trophy from the Exclusives Collection of luxury awards: the Metropolis Crystal.

Tall, sleek and impressive—this trophy was named for the collective gleaming edifices that make up the view from the Society Awards Design Studio. Crafted in brilliant crystal, Metropolis imagines the city as a gem, casting unique and beautiful light from different angles. The form captures, in an abstract way, the luster of New York’s glass-faced architecture.

The slanted, angular lines of the central, crystal structure create a gleaming prism. This towering form is presented on a substantial black crystal base for an elegant and impressive presentation. The Metropolis Crystal is equally suited to black-tie galas and corporate recognition.

Close up views of the Metropolis Crystal awards

The central form creates a hexagonal footprint on the base (six sides and six corners). Each side of this hexagon is the base of a vertical triangular face (six triangles), while four of the corners of the hexagon are the end points to inverted triangles – creating the award’s ten interlocking sides. The four inverted triangles truncate at the top to create an angled, four-sided diamond shape.

Side and front views of the prismatic top of the Metropolis Crystal award

The high-end optic crystal, cut in this unique fashion, shines and reflects color in an alluring manner. At the same time, some facets reflect the rich black base, to provide stunning contrast. 

Metropolis Crystal is available in 11” and 14” sizes and is presented in one of our custom gold gift boxes.

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