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Society Awards Finance Group: Bringing the Luxury Experience to Wall Street

Society Awards creates custom trophies for the most famous Hollywood awards shows, Fortune 500 corporate recognition programs and all manner of prestigious competitions. With the launch of Society Awards Finance Group in 2017, we translated this expertise and luxury experience into the financial sector.

Deal toys – also known as deal gifts and financial or Lucite tombstones – are a unique subset of the world of recognition. They are used to commemorate the close of major financial transactions and recognize the work of those involved. They are handed out to advisors, bankers and other stakeholders at closing ceremonies or closing dinners.

Each deal toy is customized with specifics of the deal – this text is called the “tombstone” – including dates, logos, roles and size of the deal. Deal toys are created for a number of different transactions types including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPOs) and corporate restructurings.

Designs vary greatly from the classic Lucite block to elaborate custom pieces in any shape you can imagine.

Investment bankers (i-bankers) take great pride in the deal toys they earn. These mementos are displayed prominently on their desks. For ambitious young i-bankers, their deal toy collection becomes a sort of visual resume. There is a sense of competition for i-bankers to collect more deal toys than their peers. The more they have and the more important the deals, the more powerful and competent they appear.

Deal toys also become like credentials for the bank that executes the deal, as they indicate to clients what sort of projects the firm has successfully led.

All the hard work and long hours that goes into these huge financial deals are boiled down into these deal toys. That’s a lot of pressure. As such, it stands to reason that they should be of the highest quality and presentation. With the launch of Society Awards Finance Group, we’re providing luxury product and service to the financial market as never before. We recognize the significance of the deal toy and we elevate the experience.

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