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The Exclusives Collection: Artful and Ready-to-Award

Four trophies on pedestals with artful paint detail

We create the world’s most famous, prestigious and beautiful custom trophies. And we do that better than any other brand. We believe that this level of craftsmanship and style should not be limited to custom projects.

We launched the Exclusives collection of awards in 2014 to bring our custom awards expertise to the retail awards market. Our exceptional team of designers and engineers – who design our famous awards – designed these trophies exactly as they would with custom pieces.

From left to right in the above image: 

Society Angel Round Base – The angel is a world-famous muse. We approached this form with a fresh perspective to give it new life. The Society Angel embodies the pure elegance of the ideal angel form in a modern interpretation.

Lines Crystal 1 – Two blocks of pure crystal – one in black and one in optical, clear – are combined and polished to a seamless form. The top is accented with horizontal lines that are carved deeply into the form. This addition gives an elegant element of visual balance to the black bottom.

Society Wings 1 – This modern, mid-century inspired metal award is finished in silver chrome and polished to an impressive sheen. The final form is mounted on a black painted wood base.

Gabrielle Crystal Black – Although you forgo the prismatic , the Gabrielle Crystal is remarkably elegant in black crystal. The award’s proportions are enhanced and colorfill is made especially impactful with black crystal.

Four more trophies on pedestals of varied height and dripping paint detail

From left to right in the above image: 

Society Star Zinc – One of our classic exclusives designs. The Society Star gives a sense of authority with it’s almost weapon-like appearance.

Dichro Crystal 1 Drop – The Drop crystal is an elegant cylindrical shape with the front and rear sheared to create long, parabolic faces for personalization. The trophy is particularly enchanting because of a thin dichroic coating that casts rainbows throughout the gleaming prism.

Paris Crystal 2 Diamond – Optical clear crystal is enhanced in this form with an alluring geometry of cuts. The final form is hand polished to a gleaming shine.

Gold Twist – A  particularly epic form of recognition, Gold Twist is unmistakable and unmatched. The trophy is finely detailed, the result of our high-end casting process. The form is complex with extravagant visual movement. The layers alternate in size and twist. The award is electroplated in 24k gold and hand-polished to a mirror finish. The final form is mounted on a black metal base with an elegant beveled edge.

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