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The Exclusives Line is the leading collection of ready-made awards at Society Awards. Asserting unmatched quality and thoughtful originality, these awards are akin to our famous custom awards as a result of our exceptional team of designers and craftspeople.


CEO and Founder David Moritz explains "as with our custom work, there has been and will continue to be an overarching principle for all products that make it into this collection. That principle is for the pieces to be not just trophies, but also works of art, and to be not just art, but also designed for the purpose of being used as awards and gifts."

The thoughtfully-designed Exclusive Line is the result of our expert artistry, and years of understanding our clients’ needs. Our exceptional creations provide the option of custom-award quality and unique designs without long timelines, rounds of design, or budget limitations. The Exclusive Line continues to grow as we journey forward with novel ideas, creating opportunities and reaching new heights.



In even the most intimate of environments, our exclusive collection evokes powerful memories of triumph, beauty, and hope. CEO David Moritz explains, "I want to bring good design and quality to the world, with a high end but approachable customer experience. This collection from Society Awards is one expression of that desire."


Our crystal exclusives are created using a unique craftsmanship technique that ensures unmatched quality. Composed of brilliant crystal, these awards cast beautiful light with prismatic characteristics, making them inherently enticing and luxurious.

Some designs have a dichroic coating on the bottom which allows colored light to scatter into the crystal. When viewing from the front or underneath, the color is not visible, but from different angles prismatic color variations emerge and change. By shifting the viewing angle, the change creates a unique color-changing effect that is visually stunning.

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We employ industry-leading manufacturing techniques for our metal Exclusives. Among them is a multi-stage electroplating process and the meticulous polishing of all trophies by hand. The finish is one of the most distinguishing features for any metal award, which is why our expert care ensures the finest results.

Our most popular finishes include 24 karat gold, silver, copper, bronze and black nickel. Electroplating yields bright, antiqued, or brushed finishes.

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Lucite Acrylic offers the glorious prismatic qualities of crystal, but has much more flexibility other materials. Lucite is significantly lighter in weight, and sculptures can be made considerably larger than would otherwise be possible. Additionally, the colors achievable are broader and richer – sometimes creating optical illusions of transparency of color. Colors can range from classic to unique with sapphire blues, ruby reds, deep amethysts, bright yellows, opaque glossy blacks, and entirely transparent.

In order to achieve these exceptional creations, we leveraged the most unique and advantageous properties of the material and pushed them to new heights. Whether used as high-end awards or luxury décor objects, our unique Lucite Exclusives are bold and beautiful.


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Our Stone Exclusives are all natural stones of onyx and various types of marble, each one unique and cut to showcase the natural beauty of the material. The veins, striations and exact shade of every item will vary, enhancing the allure through this individual effect. Each type of stone is available in the form of either a straight obelisk or a stepped obelisk. These prominent sculptures are each uniquely exquisite and ideal for both recognition and ornamentation.

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In addition to our Exclusives, we worked with the high-end design brand Nambé to launch the world’s first and only designer brand-name awards. Recognized as a global leader in design for more than 65 years, Nambé develops products that bring function and style into the home.

The collaboration was a meeting of minds for two design-focused brands. Each trophy in this collection is a thoughtful expression of timeless, Nambé style. Nambé + Society Awards trophies are individually numbered and arrive in our custom, silver gift boxes – exclusive to this collection. In addition to the limited edition Nambé + Society Awards trophies, we offer a wide range of Nambé gifts that can be personalized with text, logos and colorfill.

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Whether you are looking for home decor or to recognize your honorees, our Exclusive in-stock awards present quality and artistry in every piece. Our Concierge service team will lead you through to unmatched results with signature luxury touches.

Learn more about our expert craftsmanship and unrivaled custom awards capabilities by reaching our Concierge at (212) 845-9980 or click here to view our Exclusives line.