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Society Awards designs and manufactures the world's finest custom awards and art objects. Our clients are prestigious and highly regarded brands. Society Awards believes in a first-class, personalized experience for every client.

The process is often illuminating and always rewarding. From the rounds of concepts through to the creation of your trophy, you are lead through a luxury journey. Most rewarding is the moment when you see the final result. Each Society Awards creation is a crafted art object. Proprietary manufacturing and finishing techniques are part of our competitive advantage.

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Custom Trophy of Balloon Rabbit Sculpture

Custom Music Awards


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Luxury Partners For Hire

We are more than a manufacturer; we are your awards partner for hire. Your account concierge guides you through each stage of the custom recognition process. We lead with an approachable and dynamic quality of service. Our service philosophy is led by unmatched industry experience and product expertise.

We create high-end custom awards that embody your brand. In our search to design a bespoke award for your brand, we determine what makes your brand unique. This goes beyond any initial inspiration and brand assets you provide. Our creative deep dive will drive at the core desire. We want your team and stakeholders to be proud of this representation of your brand. The final trophy design is a composition of your brand's aesthetics and values. It is a distinct privilege to create this embodiment of your brand and we take this honor very seriously. With our personalized luxury approach, your brand is in the best hands.

The custom awards process at Society Awards is client-centric. We want you to feel assured and we do that by executing a smooth and forward-thinking process.

Bespoke Art & Fashion Trophies

What Are Custom Awards?

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Trophy As Art

Contemporary design and timeless principles of fine art both inspire our trophy designs. We craft elegant, exquisite recognition awards as unique as your brand. We are experts in design and construction as well as custom packaging design. Society Awards tailors custom recognition trophies to match your brand aesthetic.

It is our mission to make your vision into a singular and inspiring trophy. Yet you won't need any prior knowledge of design to get started. With as much or as little input as you wish to provide, we create custom sculpture to meet your needs. You may have a complex and specific idea like a unicorn emerging from a trophy cup. We can create a series of designs from this brief. You may have a much more open-ended brief such as a desire to incorporate a logo. We can hone this idea and present an impressive series of designs.

Society Awards sculptures are luxurious, bespoke art objects. With our thoughtful and deliberate design process, they imbue deep brand significance.

From red carpet shows to corporate programs, all clients receive a customized experience. More than a decade of impressive results back our proven process. We service many of the world's televised and prestigious recognition. This journey of personalized luxury ends with an unrivaled, custom trophy.

Trophies for Famous Creative Competitions

A Journey

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Into Personalized Luxury

This is the promise we make to you as a client at Society Awards. Concept to creation, our clients experience a personalized, uninterrupted process. Enchantment and excitement await you and your deserving custom trophy recipients.

We guide our clients through every phase of the creative journey You are an expert in your field. You sought out Society Awards as the experts in custom trophy design and manufacture. We manage all aspects of your account and communicate exactly what we need from you. We designed the process from the ground up to put you, the client, at ease.

Rendered Silver Football Award


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We translate complex concepts into elegant sculpture with effortless flair. Simplicity in design can be more impactful than complexity. Our professional designers and engineers have the unique expertise to realize your vision.

You may have a specific design brief for us or even an existing trophy you wish to replicate and improve. We use superior production processes to realize the full potential of your concept.

Instead, you may have very little idea of what you want. This is a common scenario. Working with your account concierge, we can determine the design brief. The concierge is an expert at gathering information for custom trophy design. You will discuss specifics of your program to determine certain factors. Brand assets and inspirational images can also assist us. Our world-renowned designers use this information to present a series of options. This includes 3D CAD renderings to give you an idea of the finished product. After adjustments and feedback, we take the approved design into the real world.

Tooling and Casting

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From the start, engineering and deep materials knowledge direct our design process. This ensures that your final trophy is a strong, uniform and quality product. Industry-leading processes mean that Society Awards custom creations are the best. A Society Awards cast custom metal trophy benefits from our proprietary metal casting. We use superior machinery that creates a stronger product with much greater detail.

If we are recreating an existing trophy, you will notice this positive change. This is only one example of the Society Awards difference. Across all materials and methods, our processes achieve the best possible result.

Billboard Music Award Trophy
Clio Trophy in Multiple Finishes


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Many of our custom metal and resin awards receive high-end metal electroplating. This is a multi-stage process to achieve a beautiful end result that is consistent.

The classic 'SA Gold' ends in a final layer 24k gold followed by thorough hand polishing. This is a particularly popular choice for trophies. Yet it is one of many electroplating options available for your bespoke metal award. This includes several colors as well as shiny, matte and brushed finishes. These can amplify the presence and effect of your sculpture. Matte black, for instance, could enhance a modern design. If combined with a shiny finish, it would be very dramatic.

For acrylic, Lucite and crystal trophies, each piece is hand polished. Our unique polishing process produces a luminous finish. The result is a striking canvas for details of your honoree's accomplishment.

Signature Touches

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The luxury experience reduces your stress with expertise, communication, and a structured process. We also expand upon this concept with creative value-added services.

All Society Awards creations arrive in our signature gold gift boxes. This includes our collection of exclusives awards and all custom awards. For custom awards projects, we can customize packaging with logos or alternative colors. We can also explore bespoke packaging including air crates, briefcases, or wood boxes.

Our recognition awards come with certificate of authenticity, care card and polishing cloth. This collateral lets recipients know that their award is the best. Our graphic designers can also create custom collateral to include in each shipment. Your account concierge can help implement this value-added service.

Gold Angel Trophy and Man in Suit
Model Holding Moon Person Trophy


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Entertainment Awards

Society Awards is the first and only luxury awards brand. We lead the industry with a luxury service standard. Our clients receive the high-end customized award experience they deserve. The world's elite trust us to provide high-end recognition.

Our entertainment clients include MTV, Golden Globes, Emmys, AMA, ACM, DWTS and The Voice. This is small sample of our entertainment clients and a smaller fraction of our full client list. We work with a massive number of prestigious corporations, associations, and artists. Our clients span all sizes, structures, and industries.

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