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SPOTLIGHT: American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society Award which features the organization's logo on a black pyramid with a mounted gold replica chromatograph

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a US scientific society of over 161,000 members in chemistry and chemical engineering. Divided into 32 technical divisions, it is one of the largest scientific societies worldwide and a leader in providing authoritative information through multiple journals, publications and conferences each year. .

This past year, the ACS commissioned Society Awards to create a custom award for lawyers who have successfully completed ACS courses on gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, blood testing and pharmacology.  As part of these studies, participants are required to pass a rigorous exam on their scientific understanding, and the ACS wanted to develop and bestow on these individuals an award commensurate with their efforts, which they could proudly display in their offices, signaling their achievements and understanding to their clients.

To reward individuals who completed the course, Society Awards created the “Golden Column”, an artistic replica of the basic device used in a gas chromatograph. The award is hand cast pewter and plated in 24K gold, while sitting atop a pyramid wood base. The design is a sculptural reproduction of a well-known industry symbol that winners would be proud to display in their office.

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