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Spotlight: Arianespace Stellar Award

Arianespace Stellar Award, a high-end metal form modeled after the Ariane 5 Rocket and plated in 24k gold

Arianespace, founded in 1980 as the world’s first commercial satellite launch company, commissioned Society Awards to create and manufacture golden rocket awards for the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI).

SSPI is a global association which recognizes and celebrates the important contributions of the visionary scientists who have made life on earth better through satellite technology. Each year, SSPI welcomes members into its Hall of Fame by recognizing those pioneers who have successfully introduced technologies, utilized satellite technologies or contributed overall to the association’s mission.


Arianespace realized the value of having a formal award to present to Hall of Fame inductees at the SSPI annual meeting and came to Society Awards to manufacture the “Stellar Award”, a reproduction of the Ariane 5 rocket which delivers payloads into geostationary orbits. Society Awards decided that the sculpture would be more beautiful if it was abstract and minimalist; we wanted it to look like a golden sculpture and not a gold colored model, so it had to clearly represent the client’s vehicle, yet also remain symbolic.


Society cast the awards and then plated each replica in 24K gold. The award is iconic and a widely recognized symbol within the aerospace industry. Arianespace noted “the awards looked wonderful and we are so happy our team found you!”


Custom corporate awards provide an opportunity for branding and messaging, and Society Awards created for Arianespace and SSPI a brilliant and beautiful sculpture of a well-known industry image that winners would be proud to display in their office.

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