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Why Are Society Awards Trophies and Awards Different and Better than Others?

Model in black dress sitting in a white leather Barcelona Chair and holding the MTV Do Something! Award

There are three interrelated reasons why Society Awards products are superior. The first is emotional, the second is practical and the third is experiential. 

The Most Prestigious Brands & Award Shows Trust Us

First, when you get a product from Society Awards, you are buying from a prestigious awards brand name. There’s a pride and a guarantee that backs a brand name, and a reputation to uphold.  It means that everything we do is thought through, viewed through the lens of our brand values, and is rigorously tested to be up to our standards. 

Design and aesthetics are major components of our values. We put together a total package that imbues our products with more value, because our recipients value them more highly. This is due to the value of our brand and our experience with awards. When you work with Society Awards, you know you’re with the company trusted by most famous award shows. 

The Most Prestigious Brands & Award Shows Trust Us

Second, the decision to create a strong luxury brand means that you can be sure we’ve taken steps to ensure that the quality of our product is literally higher. We make our personalized awards differently. First, whenever the design permits we use the die-casting process for zinc – not hand casting. This is how automotive parts are made, and it means that the casting is very hard and strong – far stronger than any hand casting process will be. When the part is hard of course it’s durable, but the quality difference you can see is that it can be polished longer because the material is more consistent and solid. That is the next part of how our awards are different – we spend the extra time to polish the awards longer, striving for that gleaming shine which makes us so happy and proud. From there, we have a proprietary deep rich tone for our gold and silver electroplating, with a thick, long lasting, quality finish. Finally, our products come in our signature golden gift box. 

You Deserve a Luxury Experience

Third, the overall experience with Society Awards is different, and of higher quality. Our entire staff is trained in tuning our product delivery to meet our client’s needs, from managing logistics, giving accurate advice and information, timely responses, and friendly high quality customer service the whole way through. We’re fast, we’re efficient and we know our business inside and out.  As a customer, you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re working with Society Awards. That means that while we are providing more information, more responses, more options, and planning ahead, our customers can also be more relaxed, allowing us to focus on providing the best award products in the best way possible. Our system allows us to focus on product quality and customer experience.

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