Previous Year's Winner Statuette


In honour of the 50th anniversary of the JUNO Awards in 2021, a new statuette has been created. Celebrate your previous win with this iconic new JUNO Awards statuette. This luxury statuette is a modern interpretation of the original form, honouring the late Shirley Elford's individually crafted design, with expert craftsmanship by Society Awards.

The price is CAD$550.00 plus shipping. For all direct Winner Promo Code Orders, please go back and select the 2021 JUNO Awards Winner Statuette icon. Statuettes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. 

Enter the details of the win in the fields below. Please note, if you worked on a winning project but are not the direct winner, the statuette cannot be personalized with your name. Please enter the Project name (this is not applicable for JUNO Fan Choice, any Artist based categories, Songwriter, Producer, and Recording Engineer), Winner name, Category, and Year. You may not alter your order after checkout, so please review your entry for accuracy. Your award’s personalization will be professionally typeset; approval is for content only. If you have any questions or concerns, wait to place your order and contact

All orders are reviewed and approved by CARAS for accuracy and merit before production. If there is an issue with your entry, a representative from CARAS will be in touch about the correction. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery after approval.

I have reviewed the above personalization for accuracy and am hereby confirming that names, wording, layout, and all other elements are correct. Once you add to cart and proceed to payment, the above shown copy will be final and the copy engraved on the ordered statuette.

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