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Limited Edition: Rings

From our Limited Editions Collection of luxury, custom-quality awards, we present Rings 1. As with all objets d’art in the Limited Editions collection, Rings 1 is an extraordinarily rare and striking piece of recognition.

2 views of limited edition Rings 1 award made up of 3 rings of varied size in 24k gold, polished chrome, rose gold

The central form is made up of three interlocking rings. The shape of each is a semi-flattened extrusion that is made voluminous and dynamic by way of twisting planes. The highly polished, flowing surfaces give a molten appearance as they catch alternating convex and concave reflections. The effect is a meeting of geometric and organic influences.

Each of the three rings is open at its highest vertical visual point – truncating before meeting ends. The largest of the rings is electroplated in 24 karat gold, the next largest in nickel silver and the smallest in bronze. Each is hand-polished to a mirror luster. The silver and bronze rings are turned ninety degrees on the base in relation to the gold ring. This creates a closer visual relationship between these smaller rings while building a visual balance in relation to the large gold ring.

The scale, design and quality are clear signals that this is a Society Awards Creation and something truly unique. Rings 1 stands at an impressive fourteen inches in height and weighs nineteen pounds. It acts as more than an object of recognition – it is a tangible symbol of great success and achievement.

Close up detail of Rings 1. 2 views, upclose view of the three interlocking rings, viewed at angle

The rings are created by machining away excess material from large pieces of solid aluminum – much as an expert sculptor chisels away at a block of marble to reveal the masterpiece buried beneath. This process is decidedly wasteful in material but produces a luxurious result.

Rings 1 is mounted on a large black base to provide a sharp contrast to the bright chrome metal finishes. The award is numbered and presented in signature gold gift packaging with a certificate of authenticity and instructions for care.

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