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Making Real the Unexpected

We love creating unexpected objects with our own brand flair – from gold leaf chocolate to massive limited edition trophies. As with any piece of work that emerges from our studio, our latest gift – a stylish desk accessory – is of the highest design and craftsmanship.

Custom dagger-shaped letter opener with 24k gold plating, fleur de lis handle and stud detail.

To accomplish this project, our skilled designers were provided with loose guidelines and the freedom to be creative. The brief was simple: design something that is useful, beautiful and desirable. We wanted this to be an object that – like our awards – people are proud to put on their desk.

The result is a letter opener with an intriguing dagger silhouette. The sharp point makes it surprisingly sexy in its perceived danger, and yet the object is recognizable as a letter opener.

The design merges old world elegance with punk rocker style and the expected luxury craftsmanship of a Society Awards creation. The handle takes the form of a modern fleur-de-lis and is finished in hand-polished, 24k gold electroplating. This brand signature shape symbolizes perfection, light and life. The geometric, studded ‘blade’ – plated in black nickel – provides an oddly pleasing contrast to the elegant, sweeping lines of the handle.

From the exquisite execution to the balanced merging of edgy and luxury styles, this objet d’art perfectly encapsulates the Society Awards viewpoint.

To complete the experience, this beautiful object arrives in our signature gold presentation gift packaging.

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