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Spotlight: The Voice Trophy

Trophy from NBC's The Voice singing competition. Award is a metal hand holding a microphone and giving a peace sign

At Society Awards, we make some of the most coveted sparkly statues in the world – most of them actually. We are a dream-statue factory. We love what we do, and there’s a lot of effort that goes into getting so many famous objects to such a perfect state and into the most talented hands in the world.

But designing and making The Voice Trophy was truly a labor of love for us.  We can see how hard the artists and the coaches work and we wanted to give them an heirloom icon that was worthy of their efforts and enthusiasm. We’re there cheering along with them each season – Society Awards is a big fan of The Voice.

We didn’t have to look far to find a concept – the show logo is perfect. We wanted to represent the logo sculpturally in 3D, and to ensure that it had just the right touch in finishing so that it would look fun and wonderful. From the logo, we crafted a nice big hand giving the Peace sign and gripping a microphone.

The hand model was first sculpted in clay by living hands belonging to artists, and went through many refinements. The scale is fairly massive and we thought that gleaming chrome best matched the show’s aesthetic. We selected the base along with the show creators, opting for something powerful and minimalist – solid black crystal. The entire piece is crafted and finished by hand.  Finally, each trophy comes in an elegant, branded oak chest. 

We’re very proud to see The Voice Trophy presented at the end of each season, a little bittersweet moment when the season is over, but the winner is ecstatic and our trophy shares the spotlight. 

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