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Sustainable Luxury Awards

By working with Society Awards, our clients can incorporate the principles of lasting luxury and sustainability into their corporate awards.  Our unique method captures award quality and design integrity, which leads to longevity, while combining environmental responsibility in our practices.  It is our goal to replace a disposable award with a piece of art that will last, serving corporate branding as well as the environment.  Ideally, we can craft an award that is both subtly or overtly on brand but also at home in a home, perhaps viewed as generational art, and not merely traditional and disposable corporate recognition.  


Using respected, quality materials, our awards can have long durability, but to truly “last” a lifetime or longer, the design quality must be sufficient to be admired and wanted generationally.  Society Awards daily threads the needle of on-brand and pleasing artwork, through manufacturing know-how and deep knowledge of our working materials, careful artistic study, marketing experience and ultimately taste level.  Turning corporate recognition into widely appealing art is one of the most important things that we achieve.  At the same time, all of our metals are from recycled materials, all of our paper packaging is recycled – significantly all of our foam is recycled including Styrofoam.  Most significantly, we have a vast solar array providing power for our facility in the USA.  It has long been our business practice to reduce waste and contribute to a healthier planet.  


We approach sustainability through these three paths, meeting in a virtuous combination.  A metal award made from recycled materials in a sustainable plant and using solar power, which then is kept and cherished for a lifetime or longer is the currently the pinnacle of sustainable product development.  A branded product that is admired, displayed and kept for a lifetime or longer would also be an otherwise unachievable marketing result for any corporation.  That is our business.  


Our clients can appreciate the thoughtfulness and sustainability going into every special creation we make – whether it’s custom made or from our Exclusive line of ready-to-award artworks.  Through cooperation and trust in the process, the stunning designs we provide from our collection or custom produce leave a lasting emotional impact on the recipient and are a physical manifestation of a company’s commitment to excellence and recognition.  The widespread shift to even partially remote work has made it essential to craft elegant works that can seamlessly integrate into home décor.  This has created an even bigger branding and marketing opportunity at the same time – so long as the work is desired and admired.  


Elevating awards to art, Society Awards offers along with each product variety of personalization and decoration options, including the use of logos.  Our reimagining of awards as art, through the lenses of luxury and genuine long-term sustainability represents a forward-thinking approach to recognition and revolutionizes the experience for both our client and the recipient.  


Society Awards strives to make a difference in the world, creating luxury pieces that withstand the test of time through sustainability, quality, and design. Pepperdine Graziadio Business School explains the purchases of luxury items, like handbags and watches, as the desire for longevity and timeless design, much like our awards. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), if a product is able to last for decades, even becoming generational art, it surpasses the standard lifespan expectations, significantly reducing its environmental footprint, in turn reducing waste and environmental impact.    



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